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Filtering Information Posts in alt.comp.freeware


Information posts are made frequently to alt.comp.freeware, and once you have seen the content of a post, you may not want to see it every time it's reposted. The Subject headers of the posts are consistent, and that makes it easy to use a filter to keep you from seeing them. Currently, a post with the Subject "alt.comp.freeware information" is made daily; here's how to filter it so you don't have to see it every day.


Filtering in Xnews


To filter out the info postings using Xnews, add the following section to the score.ini file, which lives in your Xnews directory. You can open score.ini for editing by using the menu item Special | Edit Score File.



% rule to kill a.c.f info posts

Score:: =-9999

Subject: ^alt\\.comp\\.freeware\\sinformation


Once that's added, Xnews will no longer download the info posts. If you want to filter not only the info posts but also followups to the info posts, remove the ^ from the last line of the scoring rule. Links to Xnews resources can be found at this page, including links to more information about scoring in Xnews.


Filtering in Dialog


Open the "Scoring and actions" window (menu Settings - Scoring and actions...) and add the following:



!markread Subject {^alt\.comp\.freeware information}


To have them deleted instead of marked read, write the action !delete instead of !markread.


To filter out also the followups, remove the ^ metacharacter from the rule.


Filtering with NewsProxy


Click here to go to ACF NewsProxy page.

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