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We are using a trackerless (DHT) torrent to distribute the file. This type of torrent file is not recognized by all bit torrent clients.


The procedure for downloading the PL2006 ISO file using µTorrent (recommended):


1. download µTorrent


µTorrent 1.3 (115 KB)



2. No installation is needed. Put the file where you want it and start it running.


3. In the file menu select "add torrent from URL"


4. paste this URL into the URL box:




5. It may be several minute before uTorrent finds the download - be patient.


Note: If for some reason you decide to stop the bit torrent the download can be resumed at a later time. Bit torrents work by person to person file sharing. Please leave uTorrent running for a while after your download is complete so others can download the file from you.



Please post questions and comments in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup for discussion.







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