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Below is a list of PCmag apps - formerly freeware - now available only by paid subscription.


PCmag descriptions are here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1937,00.asp


See the links below for suggested replacement apps.



ANSI.com (ansi.zip) LINK: 1102

Audible Windows (audible.zip) LINK: 1135

AutoAct (autoact.zip) LINK: 1141

AutoWhat? (autowhat.zip) LINK: 1150

BHO Cop (bhocop.zip) LINK: 1175

BrowseFresh (browsefr.zip) LINK: 1226

ButtonBoogie (btnboog.zip) LINK: 1238

Capsize (capsize.zip) LINK: 1266

Change of Address (coa2.zip) LINK: 1307

ClipTile (cliptile.zip) LINK: 1333

ClipTrak (cliptrak.zip) LINK: 0140-PW

ClockRack (clckrack.zip) LINK: 0141-PW

ContextEdit LINK: 0155-PW

CookieCop (CookieCop2.zip); CookieCopPlus (CookieCop2.2.zip) LINK: 0159-PW

CopySet (copyset.zip) LINK: 1380

CrackUp (crackup.zip) LINK: 1400

CrossGuesser (crossguess.zip) LINK: 1404

CubeShow (cubeshow.zip) LINK: 1409

Cursordance (cdance.zip) LINK: 0175-PW

DaysEase (daysease.zip) LINK: 0191-PW

DeFolder (defolder.zip) LINK: 1443

DiskAction (diskact.zip) LINK: 1474

DiskPie 2 (diskpie2.zip) LINK: 1478

DisplaySet (displset.zip) LINK: 1480

Dupeless (dupeless.zip) LINK: 0224-PW

EndItAll (EndItAll.zip) LINK: 0249-PW

EndItAll 2 (EndItAll2.zip) LINK: 1557

Explorer Notes (expnotes.zip) LINK: 0260-PW

FaveLock (favelock.zip) LINK: 1593

FavesToGo (favetogo.zip) LINK: 1594

FavOrg (favorg.zip) LINK: 0272-PW

Fdlnks LINK: 0275-PW

FileAlbum (filealb.zip) LINK: 1612

FileGrab (filegr.zip) LINK: 1617

FileSnoop (fsnoop.zip) LINK: 1621

FileTip (filetip.zip) LINK: 1622

FileTouch 2 (ftouch2.zip) LINK: 1623

FindOrphans (findorph.zip) LINK: 1628

Folder Pointers (folderpt.zip) LINK: 1654

FolderMon (foldrmon.zip) LINK: 1657

Folders (folders.zip) LINK: 1658

FontViewer (fviewer.zip) LINK: 1667

FormWhiz (formwhiz.zip) LINK: 1671

Freedom of Association (freedom.zip) LINK: 0302-PW

GuessAddress (gaddress.zip) LINK: 1763

HandsDown (hdown.zip) LINK: 1774

HDValet (HD Valet) (hdvalet.zip) LINK: 0331-PW

Hotkey Detective 2 (hotkeyd.zip) LINK: 0354-PW

IconEdit32 (iedit32.zip) LINK: 0369-PW

IconJack32 (ijack32.zip) LINK: 0370-PW

Iconlock (iconlock.zip) LINK: 0372-PW

IE Zoomer (iezoomer.zip) LINK: 1840

InCtrl5 and InCtrl4 (inctrl5.zip) LINK: 0377-PW

InOutBd (inoutb.zip) LINK: 1872

JumpToIt (jumptoit.zip) LINK: 1920

KeyTick (keytick.zip) LINK: 1945

ListZapper (listzap.zip) LINK: 1982

LogMeOut (logmeout.zip) LINK: 1989

LogoMania (logoma.zip) LINK: 1990

MailCall 2 (mailcall.zip) LINK: 0442-PW

MenuZap (menuzap.zip) LINK: 2041

MIDIColors (midiclrs.zip) LINK: 2056

MultiRen (multiren.zip) LINK: 2135

MuteBar (mutebar.zip) LINK: 2138

MyPrinter (myprinter.zip) LINK: 2145

NetPerSec LINK: 0494-PW

NewOwner (newowner.zip) LINK: 2178

NoteWhen (notewhen.zip) LINK: 2195

Page1 (page1.zip) LINK: 2233

PasswordPrompter (passprom.zip) LINK: 2245

PCBook2 (pcbook2.zip) LINK: 2254

PrintNow (printnow.zip) LINK: 2351

RapidRes (rapidres.zip) LINK: 2395

RecentCommands (rcntcmds.zip) LINK: 2409

RegEdit Plus (RegEdit+) (regeditp.zip) LINK: 0621-PW

Registry Detective (regdet.zip) LINK: 0631-PW

RegistryRobot (regrobot.zip) LINK: 2420

Reloader (reloader.zip) LINK: 2424

RoboType 3 (robotype.zip) LINK: 2444

Rouser Alarm clock. (rouser.zip) LINK: 2448

RunPlus (runplus.zip) LINK: 2454

Scraper (scraper.zip) LINK: 2472

ScreenPhaser (scrnphas.zip) LINK: 2475

ScreenSeize (sseize.zip) LINK: 0655

SeeThru (seethru.zip) LINK: 2480

ShellCrypt (shlcrypt.zip) LINK: 2500

Shred 2 (shred.zip) LINK: 2512

SiteSnagger (sitesnag.zip) LINK: 0681-PW

Slice32 (slice32.zip) LINK: 2526

SMClean (smclean.zip) LINK: 2539

Startup Cop (startcop.zip) LINK: 0720-PW

SyncURLs (syncurls.zip) LINK: 0737-PW

System Valet (sysvalet.zip) LINK: 2628

Tapecalc 2 (tapecalc.zip) LINK: 0753-PW

TaskWheel (tskwheel.zip) LINK: 2638

ThemeCrafter (themecr.zip) LINK: 2673

ThingVentory (thngvent.zip) LINK: 2674

ToBack (toback.zip) LINK: 2699

TradeKeys 2 (update of ZDKeyMap) (trdkeys.zip) LINK: 2716

Tray Magician (traymagc.zip) LINK: 0782-PW

TrayManager 2 (traymgr.zip) LINK: 0783-PW

TrayMin (traymin.zip) LINK: 0784-PW

TreePrint (treeprt.zip) LINK: 2724

UnClean 2 (unclean.zip) LINK: 0802

ViewFix (viewfix.zip) LINK: 2787

VolumeSet (volset.zip) LINK: 2807

Web Highlighter (webhigh.zip) LINK: 2829

Winpointer 2 (winpntr.zip) LINK: 2906

WinSize (winsize.zip) LINK: 2910

WinTidy 2 (wintidy.zip) LINK: 2917

Wisdom Spray (wisdom.zip) LINK: 2925

WMatch 2 (wmatch.zip) LINK: 2930

XpanDesk (xpandesk.zip) LINK: 2963

ZDKeyMap (see TradeKeys) (zdkeym.zip) LINK: 0882

ZipHunter (ziphunt.zip) LINK: 2987


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