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AllPages (lists all the pages in the wiki)

NotesPages (listed alphabetically by program name)












UsefulSites (Program update, drivers, Codecs, DLLs etc.)

Sites with LinuxInfo

Sites with MacintoshInfo

Sites with OpenSource info


PcmagUtilities (suggested replacement apps)

TemporaryFreeware - tips for spotting apps that won't remain free for long

What's your ModusOperandi?

FlamePage - place to turn up the heat

UsenetTips - Filtering Information Posts in alt.comp.freeware

FreewareNewsletters - a place to discuss newletters by various websites





the 2002 ACFGR (alt.comp.freeware.games recommendations) listing. This site is no longer maintained.


Freeware Information (12 Categories)

Use the keywords noted below to search for programs with special capabilities.

Use the keywords on the ViewConvert page to search the wiki for programs that can open or convert specific file formats.

See the UsefulTemplates page for descriptions of templates that ACF participants have created for Freeware programs.


01. Business-Home


02. Desktop

0110 CLCL how-to


03. File Utilities


Data Recovery Freeware http://groups.google.com/group/datarecoveryfreeware/


04. Graphics


05. Internet


06. Organizer



07. Multimedia

Keywords: vocal remover


dadiOH's dandies. A help file of info about MP3s, recording from LP/cassette and tips and tricks on this and that. http://mysite.verizon.net/xico

Keywords: AVI cut

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer http://acfwiki.pbwiki.com/SolveigMM-AVI-Trimmer


08. Programming

0596-PW Python - possibly the best general purpose language


09. Security

0023-PW - Adding new servers to AVG's updater


10. System Utilities


11. Text

Keywords: block select

Keywords: PDF bookmarks

The "perfect" freeware tabbed text editor? http://www.freewareguide.de/tmp/perfect-editor.html


12. Web Design**

WysiwygEditor - Re: a good WYSIWYG html editor










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